Art rental for TV, film and commercials

Bernice collaborates with producers and set designers on a regular basis. The work of some of the artists we represent is chosen for several international TV series and campaigns. We are proud to spread the work of our talented artists on a large scale.

H&M Home – production by Mindbox – art by Edith Ronse

Decorators, film set designers and event producers are the ones who create the overall look for tv series, films and corporate events. They visually form the whole production. Set decorators decide on what furniture and decoration should be used, including the artworks.

Preparation for a fotoshoot by Kinsel – art by Matthias Knockaert

Bernice offers a large selection of art to rent for sets. Rental fees of the artworks for short time rentals are calculated based on the listed selling price depending on the artwork.

Contact us for more information.

TV series The Missing – Co-producer CZAR TV – Art by Linda-Marie Pattyn

The artist receives a rental fee as soon as the work is rented, even for these short time rentals we are convinced that artists should be properly rewarded and paid.

TV series Twee Zomers – Set decoration by Decosfeer – Art by Kobe De Peuter

What about the clearing? If the artwork appears very briefly it is probably unnecessary to clear. But Bernice requires the permission of and payment to the artist in all cases. The clearing of the artwork will be discussed based on the type of production or project.

  • References:
    • Kinsel Studio (photoshoot)
    • Czar TV (The Missing)
    • Mindbox (H&M Home campagne)
    • SBS (corporate event)
    • Decosfeer (Twee zomers, Hidden Assets, Arcadia, Salamander)
    • De Mensen/VTM (Telenovelle Lisa)
Photoshoot by Van Eetveldt & Nijhuis voor Mintjens – art by Yves Velter

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